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web designer + data scientist + communications professional


My name is Mariella. 

I'm a freelance web designer, data scientist, and communication professional based in New York City, available for hire.  

My background is in web design and development + writing + communications + marketing + data visualization.

Check out my work below.

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We remember emotions more than we remember facts. My mission as a writer is to make you feel, sharing data in ways that you can digest and understand a clear call-to-action that tells you exactly what you need to know. No legwork.

Speech packet

This is a speech packet that was created for the Enabled by Design Conference Keynote Speaker, Adrienne Biddings, Policy Counsel at Google as part of my Georgetown Speechwriting Corse.

Welcome packet

This packet was created for the second cohort of the Code for Progress program.  I had been accepted as part of the first cohort and consequently hired for the second. As an alumni of the program I was able to create a better experience the second time around with better idea of what the students needed during and after the program.

Strategic Comm. Plans

After four years in DC hearing about the lack of diversity talent in tech, I noticed a pattern and a barrier to access to tech spaces: technical language. Underserved groups lack technical literacy and tech programs and workshops tend to jump right into the code without providing a strong foundation into tech that incorporates hands-on learning. Latinxs In Tech vision is to increase the number of Latinxs and other underserved groups in the digital space by introducing a non-technical methodology that focuses on participatory, but highly structured, learning around social impact and tech-driven entrepreneurship to teach the foundation of HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, and PHP.

Press releases

data + analytics

My favorite character in the Rogue One movie is K-2SO. I fell absolutely in love when he said ,"I find that answer vague and unconvincing" in response to something Jyn Erso had said. I laughed so hard because that is typically how I respond in awkward situations. I like to look at patterns, devise strategies, assess risk, and make predictions about the behaviors of people. In short, I let the data speak to me, the data almost always has a story! 

website + tech

I was hooked on tech the first time I created my first HTML page that said "Hello World!" The trill of being able to visualize something and then churn out a bunch of code that ends up in my computer screen in an awesome feeling. I'm working on various initiatives not only to create tech but also allow me to share what I learn with others. #openSource (almost) all the things! 

LATINXS in tech

Over the last few months I have worked on contract projects as part of Latinx In Tech + Marie Codes target underserved first-generation, Spanish-speaking, and multicultural consumer markets in order to provide inclusive and accessible technical solutions. My goal is to empower diverse talent to grow and monetize their services via web and other emerging platforms and an increase in sales and engagement.

Operations + Automation

A former supervisor who worked with the military once told me "you are never to bring up a problem unless you also have a solution to the problem." Check out how I manage operations and automate stuff. #productiveSlacker

agent 007 buys paper

One of the most fun projects I ever worked on was redoing the Government Purchase Card for my component within the Dept. of Defense. I created a Powerpoint Presentation where I used Agent 007 to explain the inefficiencies and gaps in the process and come up with a new system using the Shared Drive where individuals could use technology instead of paper to better perform their jobs.

Flowchart to Mockup

I'm currently developing a platform to help people who need additional services for their hearing aids or cochlear implants to rent those services online for the time they need them. FM units (individual microphones for hearing aids) are really expensive. I did some research and know my target market are recent college grads and young professionals (Millenials!) and wanted to use marketing colors and language that would resonate with this demographic. 


I like to transform datasets into clearly understandable and beautiful visualizations.  You can also connect connect to my long form on LinkedIn below and a how-to for the visual timeline on Youtube.

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